Rover RB-20T Resonator Tenor Banjo

Rover RB-20T is our choice for the best Irish banjo. It is essential to keep Irish music alive. Let’s find out why.

Rover banjo is distinguished by its standard 11-inch composite radius, which is slim and has an adjustable mahogany neck. Rover banjo also includes the east Indian Rosewood fingerboard, with M.O.P dots markers and white binding.

It also features 24 brackets, Guitar-style tuners, 14:1 ratio gear and a P-101 Deluxe Vega armrest.

It is available in a peg-shaped head with a standard length of 26% inches, a notch brass tension hoop with Nickel plating, and consists of sloping brass tension hoop. Finally, the p-115 No knot tailpieces, Vintage-style white bound mahogany resonance, Nickel-plated two-piece flanges.

The tenor Banjo adds to the details of the banjo. Players of the four-string tenorbanjo have several options. It has a fast neck that allows it to play quickly and the resonator helps produce the desired volume.

The lightweight composite rim makes it more modern than the traditional banjos. These features make the banjo very popular.

I believe this banjo is the best available for Irish music.


  1. J
    Jennifer Atala

    11/15/2021 at 12:11

    It’s resonator make it distinguished from others. I love to play this banjo occasionally.

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